Feelfoods.com is an online cookbook that categorizes recipes by how they make you feel:  Refreshed, Peaceful, Comforted, Treated or Indulged.

Enjoying food is a positive experience, so each category is uniquely optimistic.  The only catch – foods that err toward “Indulged” have a lower threshold.  In other words, chocolate peanut butter brownies may be luxuriating, but polishing-off a whole tray can be sickening. 

The five categories serve different functions, depending on your appetite for introspection.  On the most basic level, they allow you to choose recipes based on your mood, or how you would like to feel.  If you could go for a cup of comfort, homemade mac’ & cheese (in the comforted section), may be just right.

But if you want to take the concept further, there is a lot of room to do so.  The ultimate purpose of the categories is to inspire greater awareness that can rev-up our intuitive senses and create a higher capacity for vibrant well-being.   That may sound lofty, but in essence:  when you know how foods make you feel, you are naturally more inclined to balance your consumption in a way that makes you feel whole, healthy and un-deprived. 

To get to that point, you can’t take my word for foods’ effects.  My categorizations are based on nutrition, physiology and cooking methods, but they are still entirely subjective.  So for real progress, tune-in to how foods make you feel!  Here’s how (or at least what has worked for me):

In moments during and after eating, don’t label how you feel, just feel.  Breathe.  Reconnect with your body and the moment (we often lose touch with both).  Take a few moments to carry your awareness from your head, through your face, shoulders and collarbone, to each arm, along your midsection and down each leg.  Feel the sensations.  Witness your body.  Take note of your thoughts and emotions.  Allow all that information to register, but then relax and let go.  Release the tension.  Maybe even say a prayer for peace, guidance and positive progress.

Slowly but surely, this practice (which I do both after meals and whenever I need to recenter) has made me more aware of my body and mentally calm.  It has tuned-up my intuitive access, which has led to wiser decisions about food, and much more.

Regardless of how far you take the concept, I hope you will visit feelfoods.com often for simple, tasty recipes and inspiration on living consciously and with vitality.

Now let’s dig in … and dig deep!


Marci Izard is the creator of feelfoods.com and author of Nourishing Your Whole Self; A Cookbook with Feelings. She also writes Marci’s Table, a blog on the Houston Chronicle’s website, hosts Feel Good Food and Mindful Minute out of KIAH Channel 39 in Houston, and teaches yoga, meditation and group fitness classes.  She has a certification in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell and training in Ayurveda from Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts in Austin, Texas.

Marci’s background is in television journalism. She has worked as an anchor or reporter in three states.   These days, when she’s not busy at her desk, stove or treadmill, she’s often chasing around Morton and Schubert, her two spoiled cats.